Oh the rain.

This past week to include the weekend, it seems as though Bermuda saw more water falling on it than crashing on its shores.  Literally almost every day there was at least 2-3 hours during which it rained.  Usually I wouldn’t mind it, but you know I remember when I looked at pictures of Bermuda on Google, I didn’t see any rainy days.  No big deal; when I spoke with a cab driver he told me that apparently this is “rainy season”.

This past Saturday I had to go to a few houses to pickup random household goods.  You know, silverware, pots, pans, plates and the like.  It wouldn’t have been an issue, if the sky didn’t feel like opening up the minute I was more than 10 minutes away from my apartment.  Literally, it was like riding into a wall of cool water.  Before I knew it, I felt like I was navigating a U boat with me standing at the hatch, than riding a moped in a mildly tropical climate.

By the time I showed up at the first house to pickup a coffee pot, knives, cooking utensils and a colander, I was greeted to somewhat of a slight snicker by a girl from Kansas (No, not ruby red slippers Dorothy, but she did have a dog that looked like Todo and had the same hyper temper).  She commented on the rain, I grumbled a bit and asked to see the items she posted on eMoo.  For those who are not aware, eMoo is basically like Bermuda’s little version of Craigslist, without the posts for “Massages” for “300 roses”.  I’ll be honest, I have absolutely no idea why they call it eMoo; it’s not as if Bermuda is known for it’s livestock.  Maybe it’s a cross between e-Bay and Yahoo.  Instead of Yahoooooooooo! though, it’s Emooooooooooo!

Anyways.  I picked up the gear and hopped back into my little world of swimming without hopping into a pool.  By this time, the winds were so bad I was literally losing KMPH when the wind would blow against my route.  Slightly embarassing to be passed by a cross country cyclist.  There were a few white knuckle moments though, riding along South Shore road where the wind coming off the Ocean was literally nearly knocking me onto the other side of the road.

I got to my new apartment and dropped off my new cooking gear, and awaited a pickup from two friends to pickup a couch.  Kerry and Gareth have to be two of the nicest people I’ve met on the island thus far.  Kerry is a Bermudian who met her husband Gareth in the UK while she was at University.  She happily obliged to helping me pickup my first piece of furniture, a two seater pullout couch.  Thankfully she knows the island very well, and doesn’t need me to give directions or spend time mapping it out; so when I call someone I would just hand her the phone and they’d work out how to get there.  We picked up the couch and dropped it off, easily making it my first piece of my new abode. After that was picked up, Kerry and Gareth took me to a couple of other places to get furniture on the Island but I had no luck.  Either the place was closed or it had nothing I was interested in.

Which brings me to a quick tangent.  Everything on this island has banker’s hours with the exception of bars and restaurants.  When I bought a suit a couple weeks ago, I asked the teller as he put my money in the “till” (Oh yeah, give me a another year and I’ll be calling French Fries chips, and declaring my fealty to the Queen), he told me that “hey, retailers needed to drink too”.  Frankly, my Bullshit sensor has gone into high gear.  It’s extremely frustrating to spend your entire adult life being conditioned into running errands after work.  Apparently, down here you have to run errands during work, or during your lunch hour.  So, basically unless you know exactly where to go during lunch you choose to eat or run errands.  It’s taking some getting used to, and I suppose that eventually I’ll get used to it; it’s just frustrating a bit is all.

So, let me yank you out of my tangent and bring you back to Saturday.  So, yeah after Kerry and Gareth dropped me off I unpacked all of the rest of my gear.  I picked up some good cooking utensils to use while trying out some new food recipes; I got a mandoline to make different vegetables interesting using a julienne cut.  Should work out well for stir fry, or for some new potato recipe ideas I have.   I also picked up a few hand strainers to use for rice, as well as a food processor, blender and a rice cooker.  Kinda sad how I have almost all the food utensils and tools you could want, but all I have is a stupid couch for furniture, right?  For those wondering (and for my own vindication) I spent only a total of about $100 for everything, including the appliances.  I’m trying to get some items for my apartment, but I don’t want my place to have the ambiance of a cross between a drunken frat boy and a colorblind lumberjack.  What I’m trying to say is that I want the place to have a certain kind of a feel; one that is as much me as possible.  The problem is that every damned thing on eMooooooooo! has some kind of floral print, stripe, or is just beat to death.  Some of these couches look more broke down than Tom Sizemore on celebrity rehab.  So I’m going to take my time; if I am going to spend my time and money on these pieces, I’m going to make sure they are worthwhile.

Wow, that was another tangent.  You must think I have the attention span of a Golden Ret~~~~~ there goes a frisbee!!!!!

I jest.  So I started to ride back home after unpacking all my gear and guess what.  You guessed it, God felt like taking another big long piss on the new country I call home.  Now, over the hours I was with Kerry and Gareth I was able to dry out a bit, and even change into some dry clothes.  By the time I got back to my hotel room, I was soaked again.

Saturday night was fun, I went out to Somerset with a few people.  Ended up at a Boat club playing Snooker (a big old lol at that), and had to escape from a woman on her “hen night” who was trying to get me to give her a lap dance.  Do I look like a got a bow tie and a tux around my package?  I don’t think so.  What makes things better is that apparently her fiancee was in the other room.  You guessed it, playing Snooker.  Actually, he was the guy who was teaching me how to play snooker.  Just a big awkward; considering that he was a member, and had a mate who was the head of special investigation branch of the Bermuda Police (cue David Caruso slick line/sunglass donning/Yeaeaaaaaahhhhhhh).  Literally, the guy looked like David Caruso; big receding hairline and all.  I’m not sure what he was talking about though, as all he could say was that he was drinking from “half 4” that day.  Tee hee, I love seeing people in “authority” positions drunk off their rocker.

All in all, the weekend was fun.  I’m now watching Celebrity Fit Club (after Top Gear, my new favorite show of course), and seeing this “Drill sergeant” yelling at people.  He’s actually kinda funny; but what’s funnier is seeing all these celebrities visibly nervous.  I yelled worse than this guy, and looked better doing it (Conceited, I know!).  I was a bit shocked at Nicole Eggert though, I used to think she was the best looking chick on Baywatch. 😦  I wonder what she looks like after this?  Quick gogo google search!

And with that, I wish you all a good night.  Thanks for reading!


~ by Tom on February 8, 2010.

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